The Council has Spoken 06/13/10

The council has spoken! In honor of the delusions discussed by this week’s winners, I present you with …

I’ll be happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats
They’re coming to take me away – XIV Napolean

This week’s winning council submission Helen Thomas,Jew Hatred And Its Polite Acceptance by JoshuaPundit argued that no one took action against Helen Thomas before now, because her views about Jews going to Europe were not that controversial among the press corps.

Helen Thomas is valuable because she provides a picture perfect example of the double standard most Left- leaning journos ( and believe me, the majority are Left- leaning) have when it comes to Jew hatred. While they might not personally endorse it, they’re prepared to accept it, just like Joe Lockhart, as a legitimate point of view that is subject to debate. That’s something virtually none of them would do if that hatred was directed anywhere else but at Jews.

On the non-council side, the winning entry was Goo-Goo Genocidaires: The Blood Is Dripping From Their Hands by Walter Russell Mead, which illustrated a different kind of rationalization or, if you will, self-delusion.

Understand and sympathize with their legitimate aspirations: that, the professors and preachers constantly told everyone else, was the sophisticated, modern and enlightened way to deal with these problems. Before the war it was the poor Germans, so shabbily treated by the Treaty of Versailles that Hitler represented a necessary phase of Germany’s search for self-respect. Before and after World War Two they said it about Stalin: communism was simply payback for the excesses and crimes of capitalist greed. Yes, they sometimes went too far: but surely that was ‘our’ fault for having permitted these terrible conditions to occur in the first place.

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