The Council has Spoken 071610

This week’s winning entries illustrate different ways that the government is out of touch, kind of like the congressman in “Summertime Blues.


Well I called my congressman and he said Quote:
“I’d like to help you son but you’re too young to vote”

Summertime Blues – Eddie Cochran, The Who, Alan Jackson

In the Razor’s council winning Life in a vise, he observed of the workers he’s hired to fix up his home:

These men are in a vise – between the failure of the American dream and its expectations of a brighter future for their children on one side, and a government that seems hell bent on reducing them to penury on the other. They aren’t angry; they are enraged. These great- grandsons of confederate soldiers speak rebellion not in whispers but in loud, firm voices that would sound all-too familiar to their forebears. They aren’t traitors; they see their government as betraying them and their country, not the other way around. Seeing what has happened here in North Carolina, it’s difficult to disagree with them.

In a different instance of government cluelessness, Sultan Knish in his satiric non-council winning post (by virtue of tie casting vote by The Watcher),  – NASA Unveils New Plan for Muslims in Outer Space, mocks NASA’s administrator, Charles S. Griffith, for saying that reaching out to Muslims was a primary goal of the American space agency.

After carefully reviewing your new priority for NASA, to reach out to Muslims and make them feel good about “their historic contribution to science, math, and engineering“, which consisted mainly of ripping off Greek and Indian science, and passing it off as their own, we have developed a comprehensive plan for utilizing the talents and abilities of Muslims to further the goals of this nation’s goals space program, which you so articulately described as “That Outer Spacey Thing”.

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