The Council has Spoken 072310


Every whisper
Of every waking hour I’m
Choosing my confessions

Losing my Religion – R.E.M.

Though the lyrics seem to confirm what lead singer Michael Sipe said that the song is about unrequited love, Wikipedia says that the expression “losing my religion is an expression from the southern region of the United States that means losing one’s temper or civility, or ‘being at the end of one’s rope.'” Certainly then it applies to this week’s winning entries.

In this week’s winning Council entry, When is a burqa not a burqa?  When it’s a weapon. Bookworm Room writes:

If this religious devotion was the sole reason behind Muslim clothing and building imperatives, I too would be up in arms about the strictures in France and Switzerland.  However, the sad fact is that, because the burqas and buildings are not only symbols of faith, but are also actively, and predominantly, used as weapons of war, any society that wishes to remain free of the totalitariansim that is Islam must, sadly, trample on some religious expression.

Freedom of religion should not be the same thing as being subjugated by religion.

In his non-Council winning post,  Jews and Israel: Death by Relativism, The Other McCain writes about the deleterious effects of a different religion – liberalism.

Even the most intelligent young people are apt to be impressed with the enormous prestige of those numerous academic experts who present the Middle East conflict in the context of Arab victimhood. And if those young people have been raised within a liberal Democrat environment — remember that John Kerry got 74% of the Jewish vote in 2004 — their partisan and ideological allegiances will naturally make them sympathetic to the “Blame Israel First” crowd, who were among the most outspoken voices in the anti-Bush chorus during the past decade.

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