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I’ve come to set the record straight
I’ve come to shine the light on you
Let me introduce myself
I’m the cold hard truth.

The Cold Hard Truth – George Jones

In 1999, country legend, George Jones released a comeback album the Cold Hart Truth. The title reminded me of this week’s winning council entry  The Cold Comfort of Truth by The Razor. The Razor’s studied Islam and concludes:

Mohammad built his ideology for the Ages, and after 1300 years, no religion has stayed closer to its founder’s beliefs than Islam. It is that success that allows us to judge his ideology by modern standards because the Islam that Mohammad created carries the 7th century’s attitudes and morality unadulterated into the modern era. By those standards Islam cannot coexist with Christianity or Judaism: it views the former as lied to by its founders, and the latter filth for having rejected Allah’s teachings. It cannot accept democracy when the Koran speaks of nothing but Allah’s will and law. It will not tolerate the equality of women when they are viewed in the Koran as those who corrupt the pious, nor will homosexuality be allowed to exist except under a hail of stones.

Our winning non-council entry was a speech given by the much (and unfairly) maligned chairman of Fox, Rupert Murdoch, before the ADL, ‘The Aim Is to Make Israel a Pariah’ 

Murdoch gives an example:

We saw a recent outbreak when a European Commissioner trade minister declared that peace in the Middle East is impossible because of the Jewish lobby in America. Here’s how he put it: “There is indeed a belief—it’s difficult to describe it otherwise—among most Jews that they are right. And it’s not so much whether these are religious Jews or not. Lay Jews also share the same belief that they are right. So it is not easy to have, even with moderate Jews, a rational discussion about what is actually happening in the Middle East.”

This minister did not suggest the problem was any specific Israeli policy. The problem, as he defined it, is the nature of the Jews. Adding to the absurdity, this man then responded to his critics this way: Anti-Semitism, he asserted, “has no place in today’s world and is fundamentally against our European values.”

Of course, he has kept his job.

If, as the Razor observes, Islam is hostile to the West generally, it is especially hostile to Israel. And yet in an apparent effort to buy off Islam, many in the West are willing to sacrifice Israel. For example the Goldstone report was initiated by Organization of the Islamic Conference. The OIC is an organization that protects and honors President Bashir of the Sudan, and indicted war criminal. And yet they were seeking to convicting Israel for defending itself.

Islam presents a challenge to the West. It is one that the West needs to confront; not appease.

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