The Devil is in the Details

The results are in and the sentiment is clear, voters across the political spectrum oppose the Obama agenda; especially when that agenda is viewed through the lens of Obamacare.

This was exactly the analysis of the winning non-Council submission from American Spectator that summarized voter sentiment leading up to the Scott Brown election.

Brown has also been a consistent critic of the economic stimulus bill that President Obama pushed through Congress last year. “The fact is the stimulus has not worked. Not one new job has been created in Massachusetts, or anywhere in the nation,” Brown said in one of his earliest campaign statements. “Our country can’t afford any more stimulus spending that adds to our deficit without adding to employment.”

More than anything else, however, it is Brown’s opposition to the Democrats’ pending health-care legislation that turned the Massachusetts election into a crusade for conservatives nationwide. The Republican has vowed to be the “41st vote” against the bill, preventing Senate Democrats from maintaining the filibuster-proof supermajority needed for final approval.

While it has been speculated that Democrats may find some procedural means of bypassing that obstacle, to do so would be to ignore the clear message of this campaign. If opposition to the administration’s health-care policy can spur the election of a Republican in one of the nation’s most liberal states, Brown’s election would be an emphatic “no” in what is tantamount to a referendum on Obama’s first year in office.

The rest is history. Brown won and Rasmussen found that 78% of Brown voters Strongly Oppose the health care legislation before Congress.

Winning council member Joshua Pundit looked at the left’s reaction to Pat Roberson’s comments stating that the cause of the Haiti earthquake was a pact that African slaves made with the devil in order to get his assistance in freeing them from the French. Rob’s analysis finds that left leaning negative reaction is a convenient tool used to take the spotlight off of Obama’s plunging approval ratings.

The whole thing has become an exercise in ‘hey lookit the dumb cracker hillbilly Jee-sus peddler’ so that the spotlight can be taken off the meltdown of Obama’s poll numbers as the Democrats prepare the consummation of the backroom ObamaCare heist.

Do I agree with what Pat Robertson had to say? Not at all, but I also know that he’s not the idiot people would have you believe, and I understand where he’s coming from even if his timing was abysmal and some of his historical facts are questionable.

Rob goes on to look at the history of Haiti and points out where he believes Robertson is wrong about the curse but perhaps misunderstood by some on the history.

Congratulations to all winning submissions. Please pass this along to your friends. We will return next Wednesday to announce a new contest in our never ending quest to expose the Weasels of the world!

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