The Nation’s Richest Politicians Get Nearly Free Gold Plated Health Care

Update: Hmm, why didn’t anyone in Congress talk about the Congressional Office of Attending Physician (OAP) office until now? This was a well kept secret and now it is being flouted like a carrot to get all of us to buy into a government plan? They wanted to keep the office so secret that ABC was asked to leave when they came inquiring.

But I have to ask, didn’t President Obama say that the issue of Health Care was SO IMPORTANT THAT WE HAVE TO ACT NOW??!!! (Emphasis HIS). So why not bring this little perk up when Congress members defended staying in their own plan and pretending that this was the same sort of choice that all American’s have? They lied to us by failing to mention that half of them participate in an insurance free plan at the OAP with an expressed charter of providing health care to Congress.

Roll call lists the top 50 richest members of Congress. In that group only 2 Republicans make up the top 10. Of the top ten members in Congress Democrat Senator John Kerry lists $251 Million dollars in assets at the top spot while the poorest of the top 50, Democrat Rep. Shelley Berkeley of Nevada, lists $6.75 Million dollars in assets with a net worth of over $8 Million dollars.


Despite the rhetoric of these rich socialist ideologues these people don’t pay their fair share  of the nation’s burden (as defined by their own rhetoric and policies). In fact the nation’s richest politicians are afforded some of the nation’s best free perks; all courtesy of your hard earned tax dollars. They don’t have to accept it but many of them do.

Perhaps the most egregious example of hypocrisy and pure theft is the Congressional perk of gold plated health care.

for a yearly fee of $503, representatives receive free access to X-rays, EKGs and minor surgeries. Talking to a Democratic Congressman who refuses to use this Office of Attending Physician (OAP), Johnson marveled, “In fact, [Steve] Kagen and his hundreds fellow members of Congress receive some of the best health care in the country, without even using insurance.”

kaganRepresentative Steven Kagan, Democrat of Wisconsin, is number 36 on the list with $7.10 Million Dollars in assets. Kagan is an advocate of a Government plan.

In a campaign ad Kagan said he declined the Congressional insurance plan. But that doesn’t appear to be the whole story as shown by Johnson of ABC discussing Kagan’s surgery rehab.

JOHNSON: But, while his surgery personally cost him thousands of dollars, Kagen says he paid nothing for the extensive rehab he needed. That was provided by the U.S. government. In fact, Kagen and his hundreds fellow members of Congress receive some of the best health care in the country, without even using insurance. And all right in the U.S. Capitol, at a little known and rarely discussed clinic called the Office of Attending Physician.

KAGEN: They have a small pharmacy. They have physicians and nurses that will see you on the spot, at the beck and call. And they have physical therapy available, which I took advantage of when I had my knee surgery.

JOHNSON: And I assume the members of Congress pays for this somewhat?

KAGEN: It’s one of the, quote, benefits of being a member of Congress.

I will skip over the idiotic effort by ABC to imply that this is the kind of health care that we all could get if only the government would implement health care reform. Read the whole post at Newsbusters where Scott Whitlock notes the sleight of hand that Representatives in Congress use to get gold plated health care, emergency services, their own pharmacy and no wait doctor visits; all courtesy of you AND without any insurance at all!

If after this revelation you are still voting for any of the members in Congress that are trying to take over your health care while showering themselves with a royal plan that you could never get in a million years then I urge you with the utmost in sincerity: stay home on election day. Do the nation a favor and head to the local bar instead, put on a good header, and let the serious voters make all the hard decisions for you.

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