The press is obsessed with ‘people of color’

The press is obsessed with ‘people of color’

I was very excited to read the front page headline on the Tuesday USA paper titled “Candidates of Color” because I knew it would be all inclusive.

Article Written by Jack Helner,

Here is what they wrote about the Florida gubernatorial race:

With Democrat Andrew Gillum’s surprise victory in Tuesday’s gubernatorial primary in Florida, nine candidates of color are closer to the occupying the top positions in state government. 

Yet to the press stenographers of the left, colors seem to include everything but the crayon box shade known as ‘white.’

I can’t recall in my 65 years ever using the term “people of color” or “candidates of color” but in deference to these Democrats, I will use that term for this piece.

When I walk through my office, or a store, or down the street, after reading all they write, now when I see someone who is not white, I will think: there are some ‘people of color’ that those USA Today people talked about.

Up until now, when I have gone into the voting booth, I have always looked at a candidate’s policies to determine who I would vote for, not a candidate’s color. But now, after reading USA Today, I know that color is much more important because these stenographers don’t seem to want to talk about their policies. I did notice that not one of these ‘people of color’ had an “R” behind their name. It seems that ‘people of color,’ just like women, don’t count if they have independent thoughts.

I don’t care what color a candidate is, and will be glad to vote for anyone if:

Like the majority of all of us, they believe that government should be smaller, there should be fewer regulations, and lower taxes. I will not support the people who want the government to control so much and have so many people, including ‘people of color,’ be dependent on government. I support candidates who support capitalism.

They believe that immigration laws that Congress passed should be enforced, and they follow through with the 2006 bipartisan law to fund a border barrier, which would save taxpayers huge amounts of money.

They understand that cities and states should follow immigration laws and not be sanctuary cities and states.

They do not support a president who up until the end of his term says he can’t unilaterally change immigration laws and then dictatorially and unconstitutionally do it anyway.

They believe all lives matter, including the lives of those killed by illegal aliens.

They don’t create a “fake hands up don’t shoot narrative” with the support of the press to gin up racial hate against whites and cops.

They never use the purely racist term “white privilege” to gin up racial hate.

Like a significant majority of people, including people of color, they support photo IDs to vote. It is a shame that stenographers and other Democrats support photo IDs for most things, but then lie that people of color are oppressed if they have to get an ID to vote.

They hold all people accountable to the law, especially our leaders. who repeatedly violate the nation’s security laws and who have committed perjury.

They do not fund a fake dossier to take down political opponents.

They do not use the ‘independent” IRS to shut up their political opponents. They do not use the “independent” Justice Department to take down political opponents.

They do not illegally spy on thousands of Americans, nor do they spy on or infiltrate political opponents’ campaigns.

They do not illegally unmask and leak information on political opponents.

They support freedom of choice on health care. I cannot support any candidate who wants complete government control of health care that would destroy millions of jobs and reduce innovation.

They understand that the climate has always changed naturally, that CO2 is a clear, innocuous, non-pollutant gas that makes plants grow, and that fossil fuels are used in thousands of products to improve our quality and length of life.

They do not support a president who unilaterally gave billions to a country that pledges death to America and spreads terrorism around the world.

They support getting rid of prevailing wage laws that were put on the books to prevent people of color from taking white workers’ jobs. It is time that stenographers and other Democrats support getting rid of these clearly racist laws that have oppressed taxpayers and minorities for over eighty years.

They do not threaten to shut down all of government if an organization that crushes and crunches babies, that kills children of color at a much higher percentage than their percent of the population, that was founded by a woman who wanted abortion in order to kill people of color to build a cleaner race is not given $500 million per year in taxpayer dollars.

For eight years we had a person of color running our country, and for eight years, I opposed his oppressive, regressive, big government policies, and for eight years I was called a racist by these same press stenographers and other Democrats who always throw out the race card instead of actually debating policies.

Last week there was a disgusting spectacle where we had a person who died, yet back in 2008 was not at all respected and was frequently called a racist by these same stenographers and other Democrats. Last week, he was honored as the greatest thing since sliced bread as these same people acted as though they had never called him a racist. His death was disgustingly used as a means to rip the current president. Because that is what this ‘people of color’ press game is really about:


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  1. You nailed it. It isn’t because of his color that we detest Obama – it’s simply his warped politics and hatred of America. Yet if we don’t like Obama it’s because we’re “racist.”

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