The Problem With Liberals Is Not Liberals




Ancient woman reconstruction –



Ancient woman reconstruction –


They are part of the gene pool, and “meant” to be there.

There are elements of Liberalism At Its Best, that do seem to favor survival and propagation. Altruism; Selflessness; Concern For Others; Equality (where reasonable,) and so on.

These advantageous traits are NOT LIMITED to Liberals.

“Survival, and Propagation,” are the Prime Directives: they mean, “continuance of the species.”

The problem is—while I love This Republic As Founded—genetically speaking, we are actually “meant” to be in a primitive tribal situation.

We are not meant to exist in a super-scientific society seemingly based upon One Communistic Rule of serfs and masters.

In a more basic, even “primitive” venue, a “democracy” might flourish, yes.

But, its Leadership would NOT entail any of the following elements:

1. Internet

2. “Social” Media

3. Lying “News”

4. Liars

5. Adulation of persons and institutions destructive to the Tradition

6. Super Science

LEADERSHIP–rather–would be surrounded by:

1. Skills in Survival and Defense

2. Propagation

3. Ancestral Experiential Knowledge, Classical Mythology of the Society, and Bushcraft knowledge

A. (Classical Mythology:) Truth, Justice, and a correct Way to Live and Be.

In other words: if a System is not geared toward survival and propagation of the Species, then, it does not “belong,” here.

Most likely, DNA and genetics would wipe out such a destructive, self-immolating System. We would then be returned to a more basic and life-giving System.

READ  Super Go Go Girl, Barbara Bouchet, "LOUIE, LOUIE!"

We appear to be watching that very process occur all around us, right now. Because it seems that eventual “Collapse” is coming. And, following that collapse, Nothing will be the same. America will not be the same.

The World will not be the same.

But, Earth—Will be the same.

What matters, to our genetic core, is Survival.

Not some temporary System, maybe geared to Opposing tenets and actions, such as “modern,” Democrat Liberalism.

That’s all.

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