The Short Sightedness of the Self Absorbed Multiculturalist

The votes are in and The Wathcer’s Council has spoken.

I found it interesting that the two winning submissions may on the surface appear to be about two entirely unrelated topics. Yet when read back to back, Bookworm first, Fjordman second, it seems clear to me that the shortsightedness of multicultural elitists stems from the failure of such ideologues to see beyond their own self absorbed ideas and put them in the context of the bigger picture; one that weighs the benefits of their Utopian desires against the realities of the worlds and cultures they wish to homogenize.

Stay with me here. Bookworm discusses the “me, me, me” culture in terms of how it has affected our youth through the manifestation of self absorbed, selfish and often brutish behavior. Contrast that with the selfless generations of our parents, grandparents and great grandparents and you can see clearly that they had a better understanding and appreciation of sacrifice and that understanding translated to a better appreciation of the travails suffered by their neighbors, parents and peers. In a self absorbed world everybody is a victim in their own right.

In Fjordman’s article the discussion focuses on how state sponsored efforts to envision a new Multicultural society is preached and furthered without seriously contemplating the persecution suffered by majorities that are relegated to minority status at the hands of diversification through external means; mainly immigration.  Fjordman points out that this persecution typically occurs when the new majority is Muslim and that the new minority, well…, isn’t. Fjordman observes that Western Multiculturalists fear Islamophobia while simultaneously mocking Christianity.

From my perspective it would not be possible to ignore the evils of radical Jihad and artificially conjure up the evils of lsamophobic Christians if the people making such contrived inferences were not self absorbed elitists that hold a world view that is contrary to reality.

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