The Weasely Agenda of the Progessive Ignoratti

This week’s winning entries are in and there is so much weasel related news to discuss.

On the domestic side we see that the Huffington Post continues to dumb down their readers by presenting a comical and intellectually void critique of a Jewish Journal editorial that committed the cardinal sin of providing a retrospective look at President Bush’s legacy without equating the ex-President to a mindless baby killer (or any of the million other depictions of President Bush that put him as heir to satan’s throne). We all know that the terms “Huffington Post” and “Intellectually Dishonest” are synonymous but that particular lib playground never seems to disappoint when looking for ways to lower the bar on journalistic integrity let alone a contextual presentation of the facts. Thus NJDC Press Secretary Aaron Keyak’s hit piece usher’s in a new era of self aggrandizing bile that rivals even the most devoid collection of pseudo-intellects that regularly appear in that corner of the internet. Read Winning Council member Mere Rhetoric’s take on it here.

On the non-council side is an article in Spiked Online that discusses the new wave of anti-Semitism that is making waves across the globe and particularly in the UK where anti-Israel sentiments are being morphed into anti-Jew messages. Perhaps more disturbing is the propensity of “progressives” that thrive on maintaining an exterior image of anti-racism to turn a blind eye and in many cases join various hate the Jew brigades at protests across the world. This repeat of history by those that should know better sets a dangerous precedent, paving the excuses for terrorists and virulent anti-Zionists that hold the destruction of Israel and the death of all Jews as a cherished covenant.

While many of the protagonists are simply ignorant others take advantage of this ignorance to pursue an agenda of hate and misinformation that will threaten all nations for years to come.

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