Tommy Robinson Receives A Death Sentence

Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson has been given a death sentence.

He was originally jailed in the relative safety of Hull prison.  He was then moved  to Onley prison with no notice to Robinson’s solicitor or his family.

Onley, which is near Birmingham is a notoriously violent prison. It is over 70 per cent Muslim, and is controlled by Muslim gangs. Killings in this prison and riots are not at all uncommon.

The move, which was carried out on June 12th  put him in the general population, where he’s already been receiving death threats. Reportedly, one Imam has already declared a fatwa calling for his death. Robinson’s friend and colleague Caolan Robertson has also revealed that Robinson has been put in an unheated cell that has nothing but a thin mattress.

The move could only have been ordered by the UK’s Home Office which is run by – wait for it – Theresa May’s new Home Secretary, a Pakistani Muslim named Sajid Javid. The timing’s interesting too. Robinson’s family and his solicitor were completing paperwork to file an appeal. Because he was moved, most of that paperwork will have to be redone, delaying the appeal process.

As I wrote here, the British establishment created a real problem for themselves when they turned Tommy Robinson into a political prisoner.

His arrest , imprisonment and the media blackout were obviously planned in advance. Originally, the idea was to make him an example to others, Stalin -style…get out of line and you too can just disappear and the media won’t even mention it or cover it. They were especially angry at Tommy Robinson because he was calling attention to the disgusting scandal that besmirched them, how Muslim rape gangs were torturing, raping and prostituting thousands of young British underage gangs and how the British police, prosecutors and politicians who knew full well what was going on not only ignored it for decades but did their best to threaten, fire and silence any journalists, police or social workers who tried to do something about it. And by the way, one of those people was Tommy Robinson, who saw it happening in his own neighborhood.

Instead, his arrest made Tommy Robinson far more popular and a symbol of how the UK is no longer a free country. If they kept him locked up or if they freed him, he would have remained a symbol and a popular hero. So I think they have decided to eliminate the problem by having him murdered in prison. Rough place HMP Onley. Things happen there, you know. We’ll investigate it, of course, might take a while. Condolences to the wife and kiddies.

I don’t doubt they realize that murdering him in prison is going to make Tommy Robinson a martyr, but they’ve simply decided that’s the best way for then to handle this. They simply don’t want people focusing too much on the rape gangs scandal, their complicity in it and the relatively light sentences a number of the perpetrators likely wound up with.

And if anyone protests, well, you saw what happened to Tommy Robinson. Next time, peasants, the police are going to have orders to be a lot rougher and crack down hard. And of course, the media will be ordered to ignore it, the same way they were told not to write about Tommy Robinson.

A little while ago, I wrote about exactly what the British people are going to have to do to make the UK a free country again. It got picked up and republished by several other outlets, and interested parties might just want to take a look at it.


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