Train Wreck

When I started writing this post I at first thought of the phrase “damage control”. But that term implies two things:

  1. You are fixing something that is broken
  2. The damage has already been done

Nobody in their right mind could argue that the damage hasn’t already been done on a myriad of fronts, from the economy, to the war fronts across the world and finally landing on the doorstep of the inept and corrupt United States Congress. We have been traveling down a path toward government induced disaster for quite some time; spanning close to 2 decades. But unfortunately any semblance of damage control has been spotty at best. Worse, damage control is not a recipe for governing.

The silver lining is mostly aluminum foil. Instead of fixing what is broken we are ushering in a new era of trouble.

Sadly the new administration is no better than any previous one. In fact it will probably turn out to be worse thanks to the tunnel vision of the U.S. electorate as educated by the illegitimate U.S. media.

As evidence I present to you a post from the current front runner to fill the last spot on the Watcher’s Council. Doug Ross Journal brings us the sad reality of the new administration; a train wreck in fast motion:

On Saturday morning, the list of subpoenas served by the U.S. Attorney’s office in the Governor Rod Blagojevich case was made public. The list included one major surprise for the new administration.

A veritable “who’s who” of Obama staffers, surrogates and affiliates were among those whose communications with Blago were served with subpoenas. Put simply, within one week of President Barack Obama’s administration taking office, it is already under significant legal scrutiny that will — at a minimum — take precious time away from dealing with the country’s monumental economic and foreign policy challenges.

And, once again, the mainstream media is AWOL, unwilling to report on this very newsworthy story.

Among those whose communications were served:

David Axelrod, Obama’s “Karl Rove” and the biggest surprise on the list. Obama’s team issued a report in December that said his staff had no “inappropriate contact” with Blago, so the inclusion of Axelrod is a bit of a shock.

Valerie Jarrett, Blago’s “Senate Candidate 1”, a real estate management executive and political hack of the first order. Her ties to failed and fraudulent real estate deals in Chicago were the subject of numerous investigations and should have instantly disqualified her for any public office.

Rahm Emanuel was already deeply involved in the case with some reports describing as many as 21 conversations with Blago’s office during the period in question.

Tony Rezko, Obama’s first advocate, fundraiser and adviser, was convicted last year on numerous charges related to kickbacks, and is now awaiting sentencing. Rezko is “cooperating with authorities, FBI Agent Daniel Cain said in an affidavit.”

Other communications served include: … (read the rest here)

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