The Trump Derangement Syndrome on my Facebook feed

Andrew Klavan Trump Derangement Syndrome

This glimpse into my Facebook feed tells the whole Progressive story: It’s total Trump Derangement Syndrome, leavened only by my smart conservative friends.

The following articles, in the following order, one right after the other, showed up on my Facebook feed this morning. They represent Trump Derangement Syndrome writ large, first from the media and then filtered down to the ordinary Progressive in the street. If it weren’t for the sensible friend who posted the Andrew Klavan article, I would have been left with nothing to see but three hysterical Progressives looking to the MSM to give them their factual and emotional marching orders.

If you’re wondering why I don’t unfriend these people or give up Facebook, it’s because I’m not about to enter the same bubble that blind-sided the Left in November. It’s important to know how the other half of the political spectrum views the world — and right now, they view it through the Trump Derangement Syndrome filter, which is really ugly:

Facebook Feed Progressive hysteria Trump Derangement Syndrome

(You can read Paul Krugman’s overwrought NY Times article here.)

Facebook Feed Hysterical Progressives Trump Derangement Syndrome

(Michael Gerson went round the loopy bend in the above article. You could see him imagining himself as Sarah Bernhardt, declaiming melodramatically to a rapt French audience.)

Facebook Feed Hysterical progressives Trump Derangement Syndrome

(It’s not just the media obsessing about Trump’s love for ice cream — which is one of my vices as well. The ordinary moonbats in the trenches, i.e., on my Facebook feed, are equally appalled. Maybe if the ice cream were organic….)

Facebook Feed Trump Derangement Syndrome

(And lastly, a breath of fresh air from Andrew Klavan. SBE — you know who you are — thank you so much for a much-needed moment of sanity as I scrolled through that feed.)

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