Trump’s Accountant Disappoints Media w/ No There-There.

Arthur Mitnick, for Trump tax accountant

After the New York Times rag broke the non-story of Donald Trump’s 1996 tax return one week ago, the next step for the mainstream media was to track down Trump’s then tax accountant and to build on the non-story from there. FAIL!

The only non-news that has surfaced from the nefarious efforts of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s self-anointed propagandists is that accountant, Jack Mitnick, who oversaw Trump’s tax returns until 1996, prepared Trump’s tax return(s) in question until 1996 and when complete, Donald J. Trump signed said tax returns. Duh.

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Enter accountant Jack Mitnick. Mitnick reportedly handled Trump’s taxes up until 1996, and he just dropped a bombshell announcement leaving the liberal media’s narrative in tatters. Mitnick claimed that Trump’s manipulating the tax code at that point in time wouldn’t have even been possible….

“As far as I know, and that only goes through late ’96, he didn’t (have the expertise to manipulate the tax code),” Mitnick said during an interview Wednesday with NBC News. Trump’s lack of expertise was exactly why he hired Mitnick.

What this means is that the entire liberal narrative alleging that Trump personally manipulated the US tax code in an effort to circumvent the spirit of the law is patently false.[…]

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Since CNN could not entice Mitnick into saying that tax laws were broken (which they were not) on Trump’s behalf, the Clinton News Network opted to push the “see Donald Trump is not a genius he says he is” card. STUPID and self-serving as played by Commie elites carrying Clinton’s water tank.

SIDEBAR:  On a personal note, tens thousands of people who frequented Trump Casino Resorts[i] in Atlantic City in its better days appreciate the comps, special offers and appreciation, comps (oh I said that) and staff – great business move. Sorry to see it go.

Who cares that a tax accountant did the legwork, after which Donald Trump signed off. Millions of taxpayers hire tax accountants to do their returns and when complete, sign off on them.

Attacking Donald Trump over one page of a 21-year-old tax return that by tax laws passes muster is ridiculous but the Hillary’s junkyard dogs under order of the Progressive establishment are doing just that while there is no there, the Progressive establishment and their pundits remain in spin mode.

So what’s next, the war on tax accountants?


[i] Trump Taj Mahal was a great weekend getaway for working mothers who needed a break but did not want to journey so far away from home just in case of a family emergency. While many went to the casino to gamble, just as many went to the Taj for a break away from the noise and chaos.

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