Tucker Carlson Meets Richard Dreyfuss, The Urgency of the Baby Boomers

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They shook hands.

I confess I was surprised, but both men dispelled a general belief many hold about them as types. So I hope people came away edified.

To see what I mean, watch here, just over six minutes: Carlson-Dreyfuss interview

Tucker is a few months older than my oldest son, Generation X, and both comprise only a handful from that generation I consider to be wise. Richard Dreyfuss is a couple of ears my junior, so is a Baby Boomer. I had always assumed him to be a liberal, but if he is, he is likely not of the left, even though he has had for many years carried the morose, humorless disapproving look of a Pilgrim which most identifies the Left today.

So, much to my delight, as it seemed for Tucker Carlson, Richard Dreyfuss turned out to be a genuine constitutionalist.

Moreover, Dreyfuss brought to the discussion insights Carlson’s generation cannot claim, even though, yes, he is also over 30…meaning he, like my son, graduated college before Bill Clinton moved into the White House, and know who Monica Lewinsky is without having to look her up on Wikipedia.

Still, they have no first-hand knowledge about certain laws of generations and how the culture is passed on, and with it, in America’s case, the blueprint of individual freedom.

You see, this absence of Civics in young Americans’ core education experience is much more than just a topic of discussion for a 6-minute segment of a news opinion show. Richard Dreyfuss has given Civics, rather its absence, the attention it deserves, and I have no doubt that the fear dwells inside him that he may still be playing small ball with his DreyfussCivicsInitiative, and that time may indeed be short if we don’t attack the problem on a much larger scale, and quickly…or like Guam, we may be only a generation away from tipping over and sinking into the sea[…]

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