Tulsa police officer acquitted in shooting of “unarmed” Black man, Racial Obsession Syndrome ensues


Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby, who fatally shot a man, who refused to comply with officer commands last year has been acquitted. Social Justice Warriors are, of course irate. These SJWs are, as usual ignoring certain facts about the case to push another “hands up don’t shoot” narrative. I will get to those facts in a bit, but first, here is what Clinton C Yates, a writer for The Undefeated  wrote about the acquittal

Another day, another police officer walks free after killing an unarmed black person.

Here he goes, painting police officers with a very broad brush. Yates irresponsibly paints an America where police are hunting down unarmed Black men and getting away with it. This is, to be fair, complete bull excrement

You might remember the case of Terence Crutcher. Last year in Tulsa, he was killed by Officer Betty Shelby after a situation that unfolded outside of his car that was caught by police dash cameras as well as helicopter footage. It shows Crutcher, walking toward his car with police trailing him, guns pointed. Then, Crutcher’s arms come down and shots ring out, leaving him to lie there and die on the side of the road in Oklahoma. She was acquitted on Wednesday.

Of course, the fact is that Crutcher was walking away from officers towards his car, despite their commands to stop. His hands were up, until he got to his vehicle, then they went down, his right hand dropping towards his front pocket and his left out of view, with his body leaning forward as if he might be reaching into his vehicle. Then, officer Shelby fired, fearing, with some good reason, that Crutcher might be reaching for a weapon. Yates might not realize that often when a suspect does not comply, and acts as if he or she might have, or be attempting to get a weapon, then officers do have a right to use force. Here is Shelbys version of that day

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