Stanford “rape victim” should not be a Glamour “Woman Of The Year”

I’m still peeved that Glamour Magazine named Brock Turner’s “rape victim” a Woman Of The Year, which set feminism back at least a hundred years by infantilizing women and insisting that the power in all situations rests solely with men. Thus, Glamour has reinforced the modern “feminist” notion that “Being a woman means never having to take responsibility for your stupidity.”

I put a post up on Facebook page expressing, in milder language, my surprise that a woman who got blind drunk, leaving her vulnerable to the possibility of rape, is a heroine. Two of my Progressive friends earnestly assured me that it was the gal’s “brave” letter that earned her that honor.

With their praise for the victim statement before me, I took the time to re-read that statement — and didn’t change my mind. Indeed, I wrote a long response to put on Facebook. Before I hit the “Enter” key, though, I realized that (a) I would not change anyone’s mind and (b) I would become a pariah in my community were I to go public with my views. I’m not cut out for pariah-hood, at least not at this stage in my life. I therefore opted not to publish my comment on Facebook and, instead, to publish it here and see what you, my valuable readers (and stalwart reality checkers) have to say.

Please be honest with me after you read my take on the matter. Am I an embittered old lady who’s forgotten what it is to be a young and foolish woman? Am I a pettifogging lawyer who puts strict legal construction above the nuances of human behavior? Or am I someone who hates to see a gal who did something stupid whine about a verdict she didn’t like and, in the process, destroy the life of a young man who, as best as I can tell on the actual evidence available, behaved neither better nor worse than she did?

Mostly, I don’t think there was anything “brave” about her anonymous letter. Lord knows, there’s nothing “brave” about my writing my ideas anonymously. Instead, as I’ve known about myself for years, there’s nothing brave about anonymity if the only thing you’re hiding from is social stigma.

Anyway, here’s my take:

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