Two posts about the threat to the West from Islam

Islam England

A busy morning has prevented me from blogging (so far), but I’ve got two must-read posts about Islam to recommend to you.

An Open Letter to Britain and the British People: My friend Rob Miller (aka JoshuaPundit) wrote this incredible post about the threats facing modern Britain, especially the government’s pervasive and craven preemptive surrender to Islamist forces. I can’t recommend this post highly enough.

The Betrayal of the Holocaust: It’s not just that current generations know increasingly less about the Holocaust, it’s that the world is so blase about inviting in the same Muslims who eagerly await, and plan to carry out, another Holocaust. This is still more true in Europe than it is at home, reminding me of the timeless saying that Europeans have never forgiven the Jews for Auschwitz, but as hardcore Marxism becomes a stronger force in America, we’ll see the same trend here.

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  1. Thanks for th ekind words, Bookie. Y’know, I’m not so sure we’ll see the same trend here. Unlike Europe, we have never had de jure Jew hatred here in America. There’s hardly a country in Europe without innocent Jewish blood staining its soil, and that includes the UK. Not so in America.

    Second, Western Europe at least has been far more eager to discard its Christian heritage than America ever has it’s Judeo-Christian one. Even De Toqueville noticed that. Americans in general are far more supportive of Israel than most of Europe.

    The next generation’s Marxists are being indoctrinated in America’s universities, but there are trends which will modify this, I think. First, more and more American parents are now acquainted with how their kids are being mind raped in these places and turning to online and exam based degrees rather than the overpriced ‘college experience.’

    Second, as these college kids experience real life, they’re going to mature. How many lefties from the sixties and seventies changed their stances? Life does that to people. Also,I notice a lot of young adults exhibiting a lot more common sense these days, no matter what kind of nonsense they had to spit back and nod their heads to in order to get those passing grades at

    And finally, America had a major wake up call with Obama about what a Marxist friendly, anti-American presidency would be like. It will tale a while before we ever make that mistake again.

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