February 23, 2018

Using Trump’s 12 Year Old Tape Shows The Contempt Hillary And Her Media Have For Us

The latest ‘scandal’ the media are using to demonize Donald Trump is an illegally obtained recording of a private conversation of Donald Trump’s with Billy Bush, then host of the ‘Access Hollywood’ show that contains a fair amount of locker room style talk about women…from 12 years ago.

Billy Bush, by the way just happens to be former president George W. Bush’s nephew..and as we all know, the former president and his entire family are supporting the open borders Mrs. Clinton. Billy Bush apparently alerted the Washington Post or perhaps even sent a copy from NBC’s digital library to the paper.

And of course that, not the contents of new Clinton e-mails, the Wikileaks Podesta e-mail document drops showings Hillary’s real positions on national security and open borders, or the revelations of the FBI’s outright collusion with Clinton aids like Cheryl Mills during their feeble investigation is the bi-ig story.

And it shows exactly the kind of contempt the Clinton’s and their media have for us, especially for women.

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