Venezuela: Topic of discussion at the Palace

Pres. Trump talked about Venezuela during a dinner he hosted last night at the Palace Hotel,
Trump calls for democracy to be restored in Venezuela ‘very, very soon’ but avoids talk of a ‘military option’

– President Donald Trump met with a group of Latin American leaders Monday
– He said the Venezuelan government was ‘collapsing’ and the people were ‘starving’
– He said the U.S. was prepared to take ‘further action’ if the Maduro administration persisted in imposing ‘authoritarian rule’
– He called the situation ‘completely unacceptable’
– Trump said in August there was a ‘possible military option’ for Venezuela

Brazil’s President Michel Temer was among the guests, along with the presidents of Colombia (Juan Manuel Santos), Panama (Juan Carlos Varela) and Peru (Pedro Kuczynski), and Argentina’s vice president Michetti.

In case you wonder, the Palace Hotel is owned by the Sultan of Brunei.

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