[VIDEO] MSNBC struggles with “psychological effects” of Trump’s America

MSNBC Trump Trauma

MSNBC’s look into the psychological trauma arising from Trump’s presidency is comedy gold. Watch it to end 2017 with a good laugh.

Whenever some particularly loony Leftist pops up in tears, Glenn Reynolds likes to say that one would need to have a heart of stone not to laugh. You’ll get more than your fair share of laughter as you watch MSNBC’s talking heads still trying to come to grips with Trump’s victory, while they cycle madly between despair and a despairing optimism. They make real the bathos in a segment entitled “Trump Trauma? The psychological effects of living under Trump.”

As you watch and laugh along with the video, be sure to keep a sharp lookout for these key words and phrases:

  • “Anxiety”
  • “Democratic norms being challenged if not demolished”
  • “We’re moving toward that dark vision”
  • “People finding a safe haven in some type of intersectionality”
  • PTSD = “President Trump Stress Disorder”
  • “Emergency Kittens on Twitter”
  • “As a lifelong feminist, I didn’t get out of bed for a good three days. I can’t believe I’m admitting this. [Male voice interjects “You’re not alone.”] I was listening to ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ and ‘Hallelujah.'”
  • “[Trump] could have had aid from a foreign government.”
  • “We’re going to need some deep therapy in 2018.”
  • “The world is literally going to end.”
  • “It [the Women’s March] was incredibly inspiring . . . with the pink hats.”
  • “You had the health care fight to stop the repeal of health care. [That’s nicely Freudian, because the fight was to stop government control over the insurance marketplace, not to prevent doctors and nurses from treating patients entirely.]
  • “He thrives on hate and divisiveness and just pitting people against each other.”
  • “Can that level of outrage [seen in 2017] last long enough to get people into voting booths in 2018?”
  • “The racialization we have seen under the Trump administration.” [Funny how we never heard that about Obama, despite the fact that he frequently denigrated whites. Hmmm.]
  • “He [Trump] is not the president of the United States of America. He is the president of his [racist] base.”
  • “Muslim Ban”
  • “Immigration”
  • “Climate Change”
  • “Pipeline”
  • “Empowered”
  • “Validated people’s sense of being under siege.”

MSNBC, in its little description of the video’s content, says this:

For many Americans, 2017 has produced elevated stress and anxiety levels. Does this have implications for mental health?

I’m sure that, after watching the video below, you’ll know the answer to that question.

One more thing: As of this writing (1:19 p.m. PST), there is nothing on the MSNBC home page the even mentions Iran. And of the major news outlets, only CBS has the Iran protests as the lead story. The other sites lead with the tragic shooting in Colorado, but still find space on their home pages to mention what’s happening in Iran. Indeed, CNN makes sure to tell everyone that Trump is only making things worse by trying to lead from the front. Clearly, like Obama, he should lead from behind by keeping his mouth shut as the Mad Mullahs shoot down their own people.

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