VIDEO: Press Secretary, Sean Spicer’s Interview w/Greta Van Susteren (4/12/2017)

Progressive propagandists are making hay out of a statement Press Secretary made for using a Hitler or Holocaust analogy while answering a question about last week’s Syrian chemical attack by Bashar Assad.

On Wednesday, MSNBC’s Greta van Susteren interviewed Spicer at Newseum.  The session began with the White House Press Secretary apologizing for the above statement which even Nancy Pelosi ran with going so far as to call for the Press Secretary’s firing or resignation.  Spicer felt that he let President Donald Trump down by making such a statement, the timing of which Spicer also regrets.

Moving on…Spicer took questions from Greta on domestic policies, comprehensive tax reform, healthcare reform, North Korea, Syria, Russia, gossip about White House staffers, leaks, the full gambit.


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