VIDEO: Tucker Carlson politely eviscerates an ignorant, angry snowflake

Before I get to the video of Tucker Carlson politely eviscerating Erin Schrode, an ignorant, hysterical special snowflake, I think you ought to get to know more about her. Her background goes a long way to explaining how we’ve lost a generation to the cultural dead-ends of identity politics, group victimization, scientific ignorance, an absence of logical reasoning, and a generalized hysteria. So please bear with me for a few minutes before we get to the video itself.

Twenty-five year old Schrode is a very high-profile typical Progressive millennial, in part because she set up a climate change hysteric organization, in part because she’s pretty so she got hooked into the MSM as someone worth interviewing (ABC, NBC, Glamour Magazine, Teen Vogue, Seventeen, etc.), and in part because she recently ran for Congress and, thank goodness, lost. During her candidacy, she came in for a lot of grief from Alt-Right antisemites, which is inexcusable. Like all Leftists, though, she seems incapable of understanding that America’s academic institutions long-ago gave the green light to antisemitism — so what started and became mainstream on the Left is now seeping into a small, disgusting corner of the hard Right.

Schrode’s bio reads almost like a parody of a young Leftist. She grew up in deep Blue Marin County and attended New York University where she got a degree in Social and Cultural Analysis. I took the time to go to the NYU website to learn what this type of degree means. Not a lot, as it happens. Someone holding that degree is entirely ignorant about everything except for a hardcore indoctrination in identity politics victimization:

The Department of Social and Cultural Analysis (SCA) is trans-disciplinary in nature, incorporating critical methodologies and theoretical insights from such fields as social geography, feminism and queer studies, ethnic studies, critical race theory, labor studies, and cultural studies. Our courses combine topics and methods spanning the humanities and social sciences, and are organized around themes such as urbanization, commodification, movement of peoples, transnational exchange, identity formations, and ethnic and disaporic cultures.

You will not be surprised, after reading that description, to learn that the areas of study for a Social and Cultural Analysis major are limited to the following:

Africana Studies
American Studies
Asian/Pacific/American Studies
Gender and Sexuality Studies
Latino Studies
Metropolitan Studies
Social and Cultural Analysis

You will also not be surprised to learn the careers the Social and Cultural Studies department considers appropriate for its graduates:

Students completing work in the Department are well prepared either for graduate study or for careers in such fields as education, international relations, law, non-profit administration, community organizing, public policy, and urban and regional planning.

They are going to remake the world in ways most of us would view with complete horror.

To read more (and watch the video), please go here.

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