We Can’t Give It Away for Free, That Would Be Socialism!

There are many things in life that deserve scorn but some more than others. Sure, I still can’t deal with feta cheese. Unsupervised children driving up and down the subdivision on motorized vehicles drives me crazy. Bar soap. Amateur fireworks. Health savings accounts (why not just make all medical expenses exempt instead of making me guess how much to set aside?) Bruce Springsteen. Paying $1 extra for HD movies on demand from Comcast as opposed to the standard version. Windows Vista. White underwear.

But all that pales in comparison to liberal stupidity which sits on top of my list of things to hate on a daily basis.

Case in point. I had the unfortunate circumstance to watch one of the most boring, idiotic and unimaginative advertisements for liberal ignorance I have ever seen in a movie called Watchmen. Yeah, I should have known better. Unfortunately I like comic book cinema and if I didn’t watch movies or listen to music that contain varying degrees of liberalism then I probably wouldn’t have much to watch. So I decided to give it a try even though I knew this would be of the moonbat persuasion. Big mistake.

The movie exemplifies liberal stupidity from the basic premise of the atomic clock being at 1 down to the convoluted logic and paranoid fear that the inherent nature of man is evil. From the very beginning of the movie the viewer is pummeled with typical liberal machinations. The movie is crafted in a 1985 setting in a parallel universe where the much despised Richard Nixon has been elected to a 4th term after removing term limits at the end of the Vietnam war. The famous WWII sailor/nurse VJ kiss in Times Square has been recast as a lesbian fantasy replacing the sailor with one of the original superheros, dressed of course in leather S&M garb which just happens to be the standard female superhero costume. We win Vietnam with the help of Mr. Manhattan who by accident has been transfigured into a godlike personality that sided with the Americans to help vaporize the north Vietnamese on the battlefield alongside the standard U.S. tanks and unrepentant killer soldiers with flame throwers and all that good anti-military imagery (even though Mr. Manhattan could have ended the war with one thought, but why avoid the pleasure of feeding liberal angst). The national guard is shown gunning down flower girls at Kent state who just wanted to put flowers in the end of the rifles before they were shot point blank because of that act of defiance. Let’s not forget the superhero called Comedian who signed up to work for the U.S. government as a hired assassin that shoots people in the street just for the fun of it, attempts to rape another superhero and shoots dead a Vietnamese woman that he impregnated during the war and no longer has any use for.


As if that isn’t stupid enough the plot twists back and forth between the destined nuclear war between Russia and Nixon’s military, highlighting the soulless nature of mankind, promoting socialism and various parodies of historic conservatives and capitalists.

In one scene we are treated to a group of business men fronted by Lee Iacoca arguing with superhero turned businessman Adrian Veidt about giving away free energy. An upset Iacoca stammers out a gruff sinister and snively “We Can’t Give It Away for Free, That Would Be Socialism!“. This is supposed to be a dig at capitalists and conservatives but turns out to be a parody of liberalism. Many ideologues, especially the ones that live in alter universes akin to Watchmen actually believe this sort of mumbo jumbo. Back in the real world however we see that socialism never comes without a cost. From the basic welfare that has destroyed the heart of families dependent on the government to social security, each of these have either a monetary or social ramification that builds snowballing cycles of inefficiency, waste and entitlement. It will be no different with government run Health Care. These “solutions” to all of life’s ills all have costs and none of the evils in the world will be solved by believing otherwise.

Standard liberalism. Hope and change that is not grounded in any sort of coherent thought based on reality. A leap of faith that simply lacks any credible foundation and results in pie in the sky feelings of accomplishment just by stating it as so.

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Save yourself the trouble. You can see the stupidity represented in Watchmen by simply putting on a tin hat and clicking over to the Daily Kos. It will cost you less and make you feel equally ill.

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