We Watch Weasels, Obama and The American Left Sit Front and Center

Just when you thought Barack Obama couldn’t possibly become more of an anti-American radical leftist than we already knew he was he decided to go to the United Nations and trash American exceptionalism along with our ally Israel and President Bush while conjuring up Al Gorian fear mongering lies about the new catch phrase for global warming; “climate change”. (more on those lies at The Anchoress)

Barack Obama is a disaster of a President. Together  in conjunction with his Democrat Party pals and their vast network of union sponsored community agitators the American left has become the radical world’s best hope for American demise.

Yet they are only one fork in a path down a road that leads to many weasels. The Watchers Council has its hands full and submits to you an informed set of weasel watching authors in the quest to expose the week’s biggest loser weasels.

Please enjoy (and share) the following submissions:

Join us on Friday for the results from this week’s contest.

Council Submissions

Non-Council Submissions