Weasel Winners – Norming Bias And Bigotry

This week’s  winners are up, and both of them  resonate to a similar chord…the idea that normal standards of fairness and decency need not apply in certain situations. In fact that seems to be a consistent theme for the week, with the Obama stimulus bill he wants shoved through congress before anyone takes a good look at it  being exposed as larded with pork and special interest gimmees to left wing causes that would make Saul Alinsky drool..exactly the sort of business as usual Obama promised to eleiminate as part of the great hope n’ change. And  a number  of President Obama’s cabinet picks ended up  being exposed as having a few..umm..irregularities when it comes to paying their taxes that would put most of us in jail if we peons got caught at it.

After watching this sorry parade, I understand why the Left’s leaders have no problem with higher taxes – they don’t plan on paying them anyway! And the meme of lack of accountability and double standards seems to be an ongoing problem with the new administration, whether it’s cabinet nominees with major ethical lapses or the new president ignoring a national disaster in `flyover country’ in favor of hosting a Super Bowl party in the White House…after  President Bush was vilified by President Obama and his party for Bush’s  handling of Hurricane Katrina  with far less cause. 

Both of this weeks winners deal with this same broad theme, as applied to Israel and a peculiar acceptance of Islamist terrorism in some circles.

This week’s Council winner, Soccer Dad’s The no-state solution is a superb example of how this double standard is applied, using the New York Time’s useful idiot Tom Friedman’s last column shilling for the Saudi peace plan. It is a unique perversion of normal standards that Israel, who was illegally attacked at its birth in1948 with genocidal intent and somehow survived and prospered is expected to be responsible for a ‘just solution’ for an Arab  refugee problem caused by the  nations who attacked it.

In our Non-Council category, the runaway winner was Judea Pearl’s piece in the Wall Street Journal , Daniel Pearl & the Normalization of Evil. Mr Pearl reflects on the anniversary of his son’s murder by Islamists in Pakistan and notes how terrorist murders and the organizations that promote them have become legitimized in public discourse by the Left in a shocking example of defining deviancy downwards.

A brief note on this week’s Non-Council nominations. As you’re aware,several pieces in this category were nominated twice. In the case of Judea Pearl’s piece, both nominations linked to the same article, so I counted votes for both together. In the case of the letter to Gaza, the links were to two different sources, so I decided to count them separately.

 Le bon weekend, Y’all!


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