Weasels Exposed! Winning Entries for the Week of Sep 9, 2009

No. I am not talking about the idiots in the mainstream media that just can’t bring themselves to report that billions of your tax dollars (stimulus money) is being funneled to an organization that is trying to help criminals cheat the IRS even when told that the criminal activity involves an international sex trafficking ring of girls as young as 13. Yes, all you have to do is donate a small yearly fee to ACORN and they will help you get loans for housing, claim illegal immigrants as dependents and even classify the sex acts of 13 year old prostitutes as “performance art”.

The Weasels we are exposing today were dug up over the week and reported on by the fine authors highlighted in our weekly contest.

Winning Council member Soccer Dad looks at yet another attempt by the U.N. to find Israel guilty of war crimes even though the evidence indicates that the real crime is the campaign and misinformation coming from current and former U.N. members that are themselves in allegiance with terrorists that are trying to destroy Israel.

The winning non-council member is from an article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal with details explaining how waterboarding turned a detainee terrorist into a valuable asset in the war to protect Americans and their allies from terror. Sorry libs.

Please congratulate the following winners and check back next Tuesday for our next contest.

Winning Council Submissions

Winning Non-Council Submissions