By Jeffrey Adam Friedberg


“…Instead of asking for evidence…ask for the dots: connect them.

“Our story has already ended….” —QUANTUM TIME, Book Three


A well-planned, modern article published in a reputable venue will cite stark examples and reasonably analyze the data.

I don’t do that. I think it’s because I have a short attention span or something.

Or maybe it’s because for 35 years as a street private detective I Was pretty much alone, and had to make life and death decisions on-the-spot. I mean—they could have killed me as easily as take my gun, badge, and freedom. I was at their mercy.

But, okay, yeah—no, not those times I maybe went across the table screaming at them (city and state police, feds, lawyers—those), I was not at their mercy then, no. I even framed some of the letters of apology I received.

BE THAT as it may, however, it has nothing to do with current events. Remember “current events” in school?


Oh…that’s right, you had to have been born in—what—about 1945 for that? Try telling the truth in school About “current events” today and they may have you arrested. Or marked, for life. Or destroyed. Or whatever.


…what the hell is this article even about?

It’s about how BLM and the Left are trying for deification. They seem to crave holy oil and anointing as gods. Their willing allies in the mass media, in Hollywood, in TeeVee shows, government, politics, sports, song, dance, and pornography all praise them and blare their goodness to the highest prominence.

So are they approaching deification? Do I believe it?


What this article is about is: it LOOKS like they outnumber us, and are “winning.” But they are not.

It’s just more of their bullshit. A faked reality.

Like in that movie, THE MATRIX: the Left has created an alternate reality they believe in enough to actually live it.

It may seem to us they have already won, and like they are legion in their beliefs.

But–kids--noooo-ho-ho-ho! That’s just Special Effects. Hollywood Magic. Make Believe! Play!


They are actually in a minority as a group.

I mean NOBODY wants what these cruds profess to want, am I right? Communism? Defund the police? BLM in charge? Joe “Let Me Smell You” Biden, or even Nancy Pelosi, as President?

All COVID, all the time? America shut down, locked down, kneeling, and destroyed?

Nah. We don’t want that.

Everybody already knows all these Things have just been tries at getting rid of Trump.

Because Trump is in their way.

He’s in the way of their eternal personal power, wealth, and influence. I mean—they voted themselves their own private medical plans and insurance, their Way-overly-generous retirement plans, armed guards, and benefits out the wazoo. They even voted themselves the “right” to Insider Trading, fer chrissakes.

It’s why so many show up poor in DC but leave as multi-millionaires.

But the point is this: everything they’ve thrown at Trump to “remove” him has failed. It’s actually all even served to strengthen him. To make him more electable in the eyes of us, The Many, Who Matter.


…if Trump were to unleash the military arm and shoot people down in the streets…that might do it. Maybe not, but it might.

So—kids—don’t look for Trump to “start something.”

He may have to step in a “finish it,” if the Left gets their ardent wish for a bloody civil war.

But don’t hold your breath waiting for Trump to start shooting, kicking ass, and sending “folks” to Guantanamo.

Just worry about yourselves, your families, and what you will do.

When your time comes.

Because it will happen.

Sooner than you think.




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