When Will John McCain Stop Getting In The Way of Conservative Momentum?

Conventional wisdom says I am supposed to start this article by pointing out that John McCain is a war hero.

Conventional wisdom sucks.

There are some truths in the world and it is certainly a truth that a young John McCain was the hero we all knew him to be. But nowadays John McCain is doing an immense damage to the country he sacrificed so much to protect.

This is a story about two John McCains. One a selfless hero that I am supposed to talk about anytime I get ready to criticize him, and the other, a back stabbing Senator from Arizona that can’t help but feed his face at the trough of power all for the sake of a backwards ass appearance of bi-partisan cooperation, conservatives be damned.

When John McCain ran for President I rationalized his presence as the better of 2 bad, no, reprehensible choices. Now that his efforts to be elected as top dog have been rejected twice he is continuing down the path of his own selfish political expediency; all the while dragging down the momentum of a party that is in desperate need to distance himself from the John McCain;s of the world. John McCain is a liberal hero, not because of his policies that are aligned with their agenda, no. John McCain is a liberal here because he has a knack for inserting himself into politics in a manner that damages the conservative movement. In this sense John McCain continues to damage conservative efforts to take back this nation from the radical agenda of Barack Obama. Thus John McCain, Mr. Maverick, is a liability. One that will continue to be praised under the lying breath of people that like him as much as they like chewing on broken glass.

We have seen this most recently on his quest to get endorsements by people that ordinarily should have no business associating themselves with McCain. He cornered Sarah Palin with an impossible option to support the man she stood beside despite his bumbling ideas. She had to choose. To reject McCain after standing beside him for so long would have painted a huge target on her back; one that would have been huge fodder by the Democrat lapdogs in the media. So Palin did what she could only do, she endorsed John McCain. Damage done. And the tea party patriots are angry. Good job John.

Then comes Mitt Romney standing up for the man McCain, the very essence of what ails the GOP. Count another one damaged by sir John; another casualty of a man that just doesn’t know when it is time to retire.

This trend will continue until the GOP gets a clue. John McCain is the problem and the GOP is his victim.

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