Whispers That Expose Liberal Weirding

Winning council member Soccer Dad takes on the liberal weirding crowd that has enveloped themselves so much in the fake science of global warming that they have elevated junk science to the point that contradictory example are constantly being made to support their nefarious claims about global warming.

In science there is a concept of falsifiablity. Though it isn’t accepted by everyone, the concept introduced by Karl Popper is that an experiment cannot prove a theory, if there isn’t some result that would prove the theory wrong. So if you claim that that anthropogenic global warming will cause BOTH an increase in fog AND a decrease in fog, (h/t Seraphic Secret) you aren’t making a scientific claim. Since both contradictory results lead to the same conclusion, that conclusion isn’t based on science, but faith.

Consider Thomas Friedman’s latest:

Avoid the term “global warming.” I prefer the term “global weirding,” because that is what actually happens as global temperatures rise and the climate changes. The weather gets weird. The hots are expected to get hotter, the wets wetter, the dries drier and the most violent storms more numerous.The fact that it has snowed like crazy in Washington — while it has rained at the Winter Olympics in Canada, while Australia is having a record 13-year drought — is right in line with what every major study on climate change predicts: The weather will get weird; some areas will get more precipitation than ever; others will become drier than ever.

In other words, every single climactic change “proves” global warming. Aside from the fact that this isn’t necessarily so, Friedman’s assertion means that any result “proves” his desired thesis. Again this makes it faith, not science. Or as Ann Althouse put it:

So weather is not climate — which, duh — but he still wants to use weather as climate. And he even gets to say that cold is evidence of heat, because we shouldn’t be saying heat anymore, we should be talking about weirdness.

James Taranto:

See, it works either way! More fog? It’s global weirding, man! Less fog? Also global weirding! What if the amount of fog stays exactly the same? Well, how weird would that be!

But the best response to Friedman came from Charles Krauthammer, 14 years ago.

We’ve been lectured incessantly on how prideful man is spewing tons of fossil-fuel carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, causing global warming. We’ve been told further that this desecration of nature will ultimately wipe out winter, turn Kansas to desert and put Long Island under water. Now comes the exact opposite climatic event — a monster snowstorm — and that, too, is caused by our sinning against Gaea? Yes, holds the newest variation in environmental scolding. Global warming is now the cause not just of warming but of all weather “extremes,” i.e., calamities. How? Warming increases water evaporation, adding moisture and energy to the atmosphere, making for more rain and storms — and, mirabile dictu, “more severe droughts” as well. Huh? Exact opposites again? Yes, writes the Times’ William Stevens: “in cases where atmospheric circulation conspires” — a deliciously revealing anthropomorphism — “to keep rain away from a given area.” So global warming has now become a theory of everything, or at least everything bad: rain, snow, heat, cold, storms, droughts. You name it, we caused it. When anything unpredictable and unwanted occurs — particularly if it occurs near a media center like Washington or New York — we can now blame it on global warming and, by extension, on us. Is there a primitive religion that can match this one for attributing natural calamity to the transgressions of man — this time around, to man’s sins against Mother Earth and her environmental priesthood?

At the end of his column Friedman lectures Americans once more:

China, of course, understands that, which is why it is investing heavily in clean-tech, efficiency and high-speed rail. It sees the future trends and is betting on them. Indeed, I suspect China is quietly laughing at us right now.

On the winning non council side we have a runaway with an article by Michael Yon. Whenever Yon is submitted in the Watcher’s Council competition you can expect that it will be a tough draw. He consistently comes out on top and today is no exception.

Today’s winning Yon entry is about the brave men and women in the military that care for our troops and other personnel in Afghanistan. These men and women heroes put their lives on the line on a daily basis yet are often relegated to obscurity because interest in Afghanistan is much lower than that of Iraq. Personally I believe this is another casualty of a completely inept media that has their heads so far up Obama’s butt that they have to be taken kicking and screaming to cover an event that might not put him in the best of light.

In any event Yon provides a great photo essay and delivers in a manner that few in the media have.

“Johnny Boy” Captain John Holland was walking out to the aircraft just as I arrived at the flight line.

Captain Holland asked, “Are you ready?”

“Yes Sir.”

The Marjah offensive—billed as the biggest US/NATO/Afghan assault on the Taliban ever—had begun.  With it, the attention of nearly all the reporters covering Afghanistan is focused on Marjah.  Yet fighting continues across the country, in provinces with names unfamiliar to most people.  Men and women are wounded.  Some die.  Some are saved by dedicated medical crews, and by the pilots who fly into combat to ferry wounded to some of the best trauma facilities in the world, right here in Afghanistan.  This story is about the people who care for our troops, wounded correspondents, and many other people, day in, day out.

And thus the story that is often ignored by the media is told by a man that puts them to shame on a post by post basis.

Congratulations to all the winning entries. Join us next week for a new contest!


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