WHY NOBODY CARES ABOUT THIS, or ever will: “Ted Cruz Blows Obamagate Wide Open: Biden and Obama ‘Personally Directed the Political Persecution.’”




“Ted Cruz Blows Obamagate Wide Open: Biden and Obama ‘Personally Directed the Political Persecution’”

Article By Jeffrey A. Friedberg


“The Truth? You Can’t Handle the Truth!”

St George Floyd? - https://drrichswier.com/2020/06/20/islamic-republic-of-iran-depicts-george-floyd-as-shiite-muslim-saint/
St George Floyd? – https://drrichswier.com/2020/06/20/islamic-republic-of-iran-depicts-george-floyd-as-shiite-muslim-saint/


"Together Again" - https://thegrio.com
“Together Again” – https://thegrio.com

Nobody except a specialized few will pay attention to this—because nobody Cares.

Because so many “modern Americans,” now have “the attention-span of a goldfish.”

Partly due to the covert onslaught of TeeVee brainwashing, and phony concomitant mind-melding, like, “Live Long And prosper.” What bullsht: some writer (Leonard Nimoy) made a nonsense phrase into a real thing.

This is further—in part— due to mind-warping brought by Internet abbreviations in texting, by scrolling “headlines,” by popping and snapping “excerpts,” and by flashing “news stories.”

It’s all way too fast, spiffy, and entertaining.

The stupefying of “Americans” has metastasized. Inevitably precipitated by instantaneous transition and transmission, of digital immediacy.

By digitized scenes erupting to view and experience on the TeeVee, and Big Screen. By the fakery of CGi, and wizardic leaps of “news anchors,” between—say—New Yawk and Calipornia.

It’s no wonder “America” is now mostly bullsht: with Woke Bullsht Corporations renaming themselves and their products. With liberal Bullsht loons bowing down and prostrating themselves in the streets. With bullsht calls to eliminate police, the military—and even the beautiful, benevolent, constructive history of this gorgeous Nation itself.

So, Ted Cruz and others can “blow” all they want.

It will be lost on Americans. They can longer focus; they no longer want to hear or see anything that may threaten their “security” from Leftist oppression and destruction. Americans are terrified of media-hyped disease, rioting, personal destruction, and ascendancy of the Left.

Ted Cruz and others will pay attention—yes.

But, unless something is ordained and sanctified by a World-Wide Mass Media, by politicians, government, and entertainers—then it simply is not Kosher. It never happened.

Unless the Holy MSM takes up and bruits a Cause Celebre, the ordinary “American,” will not Be notified, propagandized, or inculcated. Made to believe. Religionized.

And therefore will not care.

So. Between your Tweets, COMMENTS, and FB posts; between Instagrams, blogs, and other online bullsht—if you are waiting for some sort of mass, “American 2nd Revolution,” or some sort of “hidden army,” bursting forth onto the streets spewing brimstone, fire, and lead—“molon labe, lock and load,” and all that other hysteric, La-Z-Boy warrior bllsht….

…if you are waiting for some sort of “compromise,” or “negotiation….”

…please, be advised:

It will not happen.

Unless it’s you, doing it.

Unless it’s you.



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