July 23, 2018

Why would anyone oppose this?

Ruger Security Six credit: thefiringline.com

I am a believer in educating our young folks about safety, and safety around firearms, and handling firearms is no different. Reading this from Bearing Arms I have to wonder how lIberals would respond to it

A new piece of legislation introduced in North Carolina aims to give high school students a little extra learning: firearms education.

House Bill 612, filed this week by Representative Jay Adams, would give the state room to develop a firearms education course and allow the class, which would include “firearms safety education as recommend by law enforcement agencies or a firearms association”, to be offered as an elective to high school students.

The course, which would be developed by the North Carolina Board of Education, would not allow live ammunition in the classroom and would also cover the history and mechanics of firearms with a firm emphasis on the importance of gun safety.

Honestly, I cannot lay my finger on any reason anyone would be opposed to this. Especially, I would imagine, Liberals who favor sex education because kids are going to be curious so……. By the way, I have no issue with sex-ed as long as it is agenda free, and teaches all the consequences that can happen. The same goes for firearm safety. But some members of the Cult of Gun Control, are, well, putting their agenda over common sense

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