Winners: Finding Our Identity Seven Years After 9/11

Update: Due to a slip up on my part I missed the votes of 1 council member. Fixing this mistake changed the order of council member submissions and added another 2 non-council submissions to the selected group of winners. Sorry about that. upside is that you get a better list of people that are striking out against the weasels of the world. Enjoy.

Seven years after the horrible events of 9/11 we are in the midst of another Presidential campaign. The 2008 campaign is one steeped in identity politics; a fact that has not been lost on the Watchers Council.

Both of this weeks’ winning entries discuss the various aspects of identity politics comparing the Democratic Party approach of nominating a man as a Presidential candidate largely based on the color of his skin and strong liberal beliefs to the VP choice of the GOP that nominated a woman with executive experience and a foundation in conservative values. The contrasts couldn’t be greater.

The fact that the emphasis on this campaign season largely pits the top Democratic spot to that of the GOP undercard highlights just how much identity politics factors into the strategies of each party seeking the nation’s acceptance. (As a side note, many are wondering if the dems will kick Biden off the ticket to negate the Palin effect that has drawn women and undecideds to the right. This is getting interesting. What a great year for political junkies.)

Please enjoy this weeks winning entries.

Council Winners

1. Wolf HowlingStanding At The Crossroads – Identity Politics, Multiculturalism & The Melting Pot – Winning submission with 3 votes!

2. Soccer DadAn exceptional choice – 2nd place with 1 2/3 votes.

3. Joshua PunditThe Game Changer – Duty, Honor, Country – 3rd place with 1 1/3 votes.

4. The Glittering Eye – Waiting for the Takeover (Updated) – 5th place with 1 vote.

5. (T*) The Razor – Dems Proving the GOP is really… – 5th place tie with 2/3 votes.

5. (T*) The Colossus of Rhodey – Is the Philly Daily News Literally Going Nuts?” – 5th place tie with 2/3 votes.

5. (T*) Rhymes With Right – A Bad Political Dad From History?– 5th place tie with 2/3 votes.

Non-Council Winners

1. Beldar BlogDon’t Confuse Republicans’ thrill over the Palin nomination with the Dems’ worship of Obama: A reply to Paul Mirengoff – Winning submission with 1 2/3 votes!

2. (T*) Real Clear Politics: The Media’s ‘Due Dilligence’ – 2nd place tie with 1 1/3 votes.

2. (T*) EU Referendum: The Awkwardness Of Truth – 2nd place tie with 1 1/3 votes.

2. (T*) City Journal: Organizer in Chief – 2nd place tie with 1 1/3 votes.

2. (T*) The Anchoress: Over Palin; not “hypocrisy,” you never knew us– 2nd place tie with 1 1/3 votes.

3. Somewhere on AIA: Bad News for the Press… We’re going to see more of this 3rd place with 1 vote.

4. The QandO Blog: QandO’s Stupid Journalist Tricks – 4th place with 2/3 votes.

5. La Shawn Barber: Americans Doing Jobs Illegal Aliens CAN’T Do” – 5th place with 1/3 vote.

* – T denotes a tie