Winners While The Media Spins After Failing to Sink Palin

The much maligned Sarah Palin showed up for last night’s VP debate with Senator Joe Biden and much to the chagrin of the mainstream media she didn’t fall flat on her face. After lowering expectations for Barack Obama’s debate with John McCain the media tried to convince Americans that a tie for their hero somehow translated to a win.

Conversely the media called the “election over” prior to Palin’s appearance on the big screen with Sir Gaffalot Joe Biden. While the narrative is that Palin did good but Biden won (insert laughter here) Obama’s water carriers in the media are starting to look foolish.

Meanwhile the House is going to vote on a financial bailout plan that grew from a couple of pages to 451 pages overnight. Not content to simply concentrate on the economy the Senate wedged in a stunning amount of pork and special interest handouts.

The audience for the debate last night hada 45.0 rating compared to Obama and McCain that had  a 31.6. Nearly 11 million viewers tuned in to watch the debate on CNN alone.

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