Winning Submissions: Fighting a Politically Correct War Against Terrorism

This week’s winning submissions are tallied and out the door. The two top winning council entries deal with Islamic terrorism. In a sort of ironic twist Right Truth’s first place submission deals with the topic of political correctness versus security concerns at a time when Muslim groups are speaking out against a Lego toy that depicts terrorists as bad guys. It seems the politically correct notion of not speaking the truth about Islamic terrorism is all it took to get leaders of this religion to become outraged. Islamic terrorism, silence, toy depicting the evil Islamic terrorist, outrage. Political correctness kills.

The winning non-council entry also deals with Islamic terrorism with respect to Israel and the ill conceived notion that peace can be had if only Israel would concede to the demands of Arab leaders that seek to undercut Israel’s interests for the sake of Islamic and Arab expansionism.

Terrorism is the overriding theme in this weeks entries. Please read these highly insightful submissions and pass them on to your friends, relatives and neighbors.

Winning Council Submissions

Winning Non-Council Submissions