Wintery Weasels

Another Wednesday, another contest!! If you, like me are stuck in the aftermath of a pounding snowstorm and bitter cold then I have a prescription for you. Grab a hot tea, coffee or even something mind altering like hot buttered rum or perhaps a steeping hot lemonade with a touch of vodka to sooth the senses.

Sit back while enjoying your personal potion and read the wonderful articles that have been passed on to us by the Watcher’s Council. Upon reading what I consider to be some of the most egregious and fact finding exposés of weasels in your midst make note of each article and pass them on to your friends. Or better yet, pass on my prescription for warming up on this blustery winter day and point them directly to this article here!

Whatever path you take, enjoy.

As always, the Watcher’s Council wishes you a warm winter wonderland. Make sure to come back and visit us on Friday for the results of this weeks contest!

Council Submissions

Non-Council Submissions