A Few Words On Alex Jones And What It Really Means

The big story today was the sudden, coordinated purge of Alex Jones and InfoWars from Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and Apple. Frankly, I’m surprised anyone was surprised.

While I find some of his rants very entertaining, I wouldn’t call myself a real Alex Jones fan, although I usually like what Paul Joseph Watson has say. But it’s quite obvious that this is the beginning of a trend that has been in the works for some time. Along with Jones, Tommy Robinson was kicked off Instagram (and then later ‘readmitted’ with Instagram calling Robinson’s ban a ‘mistake.’

Not only that, but California Republican congressional candidate Elizabeth Heng had a campaign ad/video of hers banned by Facebook simply because the censors there considered her ad “too shocking, disrespectful, or sensational.” You see,it included factual information about Cambodia under communism, which her family managed to survive, after which they fled to America. Facebook did eventually put it back up, but only after threats of legal action. Twitter, meanwhile, is suspending Libertarian and conservative accounts.

Again, none of us should be shocked or surprised by this in the least. The big, leftist run social media companies have been telegraphing this for months, even to the point of hiring the far Left Southern Poverty Law Center to vet content for ‘racism’ or as Mao would have said, ‘incorrect thought.’

None of these companies are really giving a transparent excuse as to why this obviously well planned action was taken. If they say anything at all, it’s usually gibberish about ‘violating community standards and policies.’ They even lack the honesty to admit that while they’re fine with carrying racism, anti-semitism and violent rhetoric from the Left, there are simply different standards for others.

Ultimately, the target may very well be President Trump. Some members of what we’ll call ‘Conservative Inc’ are quite happy to point out that of course, these are private companies and they should be able to ban someone like Alex Jones if they don’t like his content. They’ll say the same thing when Twitter bans President Trump in an effort to stop him from manipulating the news cycle and communicating directly with his supporters, something he’s become quite good at.

And speaking of of Paul Joseph Watson, here’s his take on that ‘private company’ excuse:

So rest assured, we will see lots of censorship to come. And rather than whining about it, I suggest some action. Just as Breitbart was formed as a news platform for the Right, there’s nothing stopping other platforms from being created on social media, and in fact that should of happened long ago. And there’s also nothing that says we must use the Leftist platforms at all. Get off their sites and make sure you tell their advertisers why you no longer patronize their products. Find different sites to put your videos on.

Do you really want to put money in Susan Rice and Barack Hussein Obama’s pockets by patronizing Netflix?

Remember, the best defense is a good offense. And depending on your enemies to support you is simply foolish, in my view.


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  1. I quit Facebook and deleted my profile there years ago. I’m about to cancel my Netflix (I’ve seen all decent 20 shows on it). I’m warming up my Gab.ai profile (if Trump left Twitter it would collapse) but cutting out Apple and Google is going to be hard – though I’ve gotten used to the latter’s leftist slant in the search rankings.

  2. You’ve got to love the irony of a left-wing conspiracy against a conspiracist. Did Jones bribe these companies to do this or what? He’s a right wing jihadi: guys like him thrive on martyrdom.

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