May 27, 2018

The Watchers Council at American Thinker: The Torture Controversy

I wanted to send out a quick note to inform our readers that Watcher’s Council member Rob Miller (aka. Joshua Pundit) has been published at American Thinker!!

The subject of Rob’s article is the “torture memo” controversy of which the Soros crowd has been fanning the flames.

Here is an excerpt:

Amidst the huge controversy surrounding the story on the so-called torture memos, the bedrock issues are being almost entirely ignored in favor of political theater. And the potential for harm is enormous.

After promising not to indulge in revenge politics like some downscale banana republic after a change in leadership, President Obama suddenly decided to do exactly that, opening the way for prosecution of Bush Administration officials based on the release of some previously classified memos regarding what are referred to as ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ like waterboarding.

This is something new in American politics, something we haven’t seen before. Even after the Civil War and Lincoln’s assassination, Jefferson Davis was never tried for treason and got off with a short spell of imprisonment at Fort Monroe. Former Union Army officers who fought on the rebel side like Robert E. Lee or James Longstreet were never even tried or imprisoned at all, and even a revenge crazed Congress under control of the Radical Republicans never considered it.

The council would like to congratulate Rob on his insightful article. Please visit American Thinker and join in on the debate!

All the best – The Watcher