The Watchers Council at Michelle Malkin: Debunking CNN’s Aww Shucks “Top 10 Obama Faux Pas” Roundup

Watcher’s Council member Omri Ceren (aka Mere Rhetoric) gets a big fat honorable mention by Michelle Malkin for debunking CNN’s “Top Ten Faux Pas” video by putting into perspective the many “Faux Pas” that the CNN cheerleaders missed while laying tribute to their new master’s first 100 days in office.

CNN can’t count

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 29, 2009 12:39 PM

Omri Ceren takes a look at CNN’s tally of Obama’s gaffes and finds — surprise! — that there are many, many items missing.

Here is a taste of Omri’s great post:

A perennial debate for conservative media critics: does the left enforce its increasingly tenuous hold over the airwaves by framing stories in a worshipful pro-Obama way or by using their gate-keeping privileges to ignore inconvenient stories? There’s plenty of evidence for both theories. And every time you think it’s leaning one way – say, the media’s embarrassing slobbering over Obama’s 100 days…

Obama worship, complete with halo images, has been noted before here on NewsBusters but it was nothing compared to current expressions in awe of The One as we approach his hundreth day in office on Wednesday. Matching the theme of “The Truth” painting is Joe Klein singing 100 day mark praises (while excoriating the “satanic” George W. Bush) of his beloved Barack… Chris Matthews, should audition to sing I Don’t Know Why Why I Love Him to the tune of I Don’t Know How To Love Him from Jesus Christ Superstar to serenade “The Truth” painting when it is unveiled at Union Square on Wednesday.

… something like this comes out and tilts the debate the other way. Here’s what CNN thinks were Obama’s “Top Ten Faux Pas” during the first 100 days. The list is, on the whole, aggressively stupid:

Read the whole great article here. Congrats Omri!!