Weekend Weasel – Flu Emergency Not Important Enough to Interrupt Presidential Golf Outing

Please see Update Below:

This week’s Weekend Weasel might turn out to be more appropriately named as Criminal Weasel. I’m serious. My focus for this week’s Weekend Weasel are Open Border Lawmakers that actively undercut and impede the enforcement of our porous borders. This very much includes the idiot brigade at the White House that thought it important to release a news brief stating that the flu emergency is not interrupting the very important Presidential golf outing. This should be considered the equivalent if not worse than the outrage over President Bush reading a story to school kids after the 9/11 bombing. (side note, do I think they should cancel the golf outing? Obviously not, just as I don’t think Bush should have been taken to task for his book reading. The point is that the comparisons are probably on par. From one point I could see the President wanting everything to appear business as usual but I would have gone forward with the golf outing and not publicized it at all. They are getting ahead of the outrage just in case.)

If the recent outbreak of the mystery swine flu turns into a nationwide epidemic, let alone a global pandemic, then victims should look toward pressing lawmakers to launch a criminal investigation toward other lawmakers that actively worked to undercut and impede the implementation of U.S. border law; especially if a single case of the mystery flu is linked to any illegal immigrant. Worse, mystery strains of genetic variants of swine flu are just the tip of the iceberg of violence that is being perpetrated on the United States via our unprotected borders. (Don’t count on an investigation any time soon since this administration’s justice department is too busy setting up surveillance of returning heroes from war and is actually part of the same group of people opposed to border enforcement; after all, illegal immigration isn’t really illegal, rightJanet?)

Imagine that you are a terrorist and you would like to find the best possible way to cause unrest in the United States, what could you do? We all know that the terrorist masterminds aren’t stupid. In fact we could say that they would be willing to take advantage of the stupidity displayed by our own lawmakers lack of enthusiasm to enforce our borders. This mode of violence would have many benefits because a.) it is covert and b.) it would be hard for us to defend against because it is done via a route that has a built in layer of protection via open border politicians that openly support illegal immigration and scoff at the law of the land.

Thus the borders are likely to be one major front in the terrorist quest to wreak havoc in the United States. Current count puts the number at 700,000 illegals entering the united states per year. Everything from the importation of drugs, violence, wage undercutting immigrants and even mysterious trains of swine flu and drug resistant tuberculosis. The routes are many, currency, people, mail, etc. All of this is happening on a daily basis, whether or not any of it can be linked to a terrorist plot is another thing.

The distinction in my mind being that if any of this cross border violence can be linked to terrorism then the people that actively work to undercut the border laws of the United States are actually aiding and abetting the enemy; in legal terms this is considered treason. The only problem with proving treason is that there must be witness to an overt act.

Hence I would look toward other legal avenues to prosecute. If the government of the United States can twist the tax laws of this country to punish people that received bonuses that were part of a legal contract then some smart lawyer can find a way to hold those responsible for undercutting the laws of the United States border; especially if it can be shown that such an act has irreparably harmed the citizens of this country and/or aided terrorism.

Now back to the current order of business and why I believe that the current outbreak of the mystery swine flu could be linked to illegal immigration.

Just hours ago the United States declared a public health emergency to deal with the outbreak of swine flu. It was a little less than a week ago before the news started popping up about cases in Mexico and already there are concerns that this will turn into a global pandemic.

The flu itself is a mystery variant of 4 strains (instead of 3 that was earlier reported) that has scientists puzzled.

Genetic analysis of the virus indicates it is highly unusual: It is a hybrid that resulted from a combination of four different viruses — one that typically infects people, one that originated in North American birds and two from pigs in Europe and Asia.

The World Health Organization is concerned about the novelty of this flu:

“We are very, very concerned,” World Health Organization spokesman Thomas Abraham said.

“We have what appears to be a novel virus and it has spread from human to human,” he said. “It’s all hands on deck at the moment.”

Novel, a mystery with this flu in that the people that contracted it didn’t come in contact with pigs which lends itself to the fact that this genetic mutation is passed from human to human contact; something not easily done by earlier versions of swine flu. The other mystery is that some of the victims can not be linked directly to Mexico. In other words there is no direct indication that they came into contact with other documented victims. In my mind this indicates that perhaps an undocumented individual (i.e. illegal immigrant) or group of individuals is spreading the disease.

This also undercuts the actions by open border enthusiast Janet Napolitano who now believes we should start “passively” looking at travelers.

Secretary Janet Napolitano also said border agents have been directed to begin passive surveillance of travelers from affected countries, with instructions to isolate anyone who appears actively ill with suspected influenza.

Newsflash to moron secretary, all those illegals that you support aren’t being screened.

While the news gets worse every hour and the press is hyperventilating over the story a Seattle news outlet says “not to panic“. Glad to know that all the mushroom heads in Seattle aren’t concerned. I’m personally not in a state of panic but perhaps those people defending the illegal immigrants should get a little bit concerned that their actions unnecessarily led to an increased chance that you or your kids will come in contact with an infected person from Mexico; a person that is unlikely to be treated until too late. Perhaps they should worry that you may be like I and hold them accountable!!

Update: Surprise, Rick Moran at Right Wing Nuthouse disagrees, continuing his latest digression from reality. As is typical of the sell outs on the right that seem to be constantly apologizing for people like you and me Rick confuses the difference between causation and correlation. Illegal immigrants don’t have to be the cause of outbreak in the U.S., nor do they have to be the sole way it enters the United States.

This does not change the following facts:

  • That illegal immigrants are the least likely people to get immunized against diseases that everyone else in the United States gets immunized against.
  • That cases of no known contact with Mexico or Mexican citizens only means they don’t know. Considering that we are talking about Texas and California I think it is safe to ponder whether there is likely a link. Does it mean illegal? Maybe yes, maybe no.
  • It is just a matter of time before an Illegal Immigrant from Mexico enters the country carrying the disease, just as they have done with Tuberculosis.
  • Even one illegal immigrant entering the country with the disease is one too many.

Apparently Rick is smarter than everyone else, even smarter than statistics.

Let’s look at drug resistant tuberculosis as a sort of way to cross correlate the dangers. The following is from JAMA.

  • Treatment options are limited, and the mortality rate is high. CDC investigators analyzed national surveillance data for 1993 through 2007 to define the scope of XDR-TB in the U.S.During this 15-year period, 212,896 culture-confirmed TB cases were reported in the U.S. Drug-susceptibility results for isoniazid and rifamycin were available for 201,399 of them. A total of 183,536 cases were caused by drug-susceptible (DS) strains; 3379 cases were caused by strains resistant to at least isoniazid and a rifamycin (i.e., multidrug-resistant [MDR]), and 83 such cases met criteria for XDR-TB. Fifty-five of the XDR-TB cases were identified based on the initial positive culture, and 28 were identified based on a follow-up culture.XDR-TB cases were reported each year, ranging from 18 cases in 1993 to 1 case each in 2001 and 2003. The majority of XDR-TB patients were male (64%), U.S.-born (54%), unemployed (53%), and aged 25 to 44 (58%). Compared with DS-TB patients, XDR-TB patients were more likely to be Hispanic and to reside in a correctional facility. Journal of the American Medical Association

So let me see, if 54% of them were U.S. born that means 46% of the documented cases were not. TB is not going to be a fraction as contagious as flu. Worth the risk?

The following appeared in a 2007 Canada Free Press article:

Of all TB cases reported to the Centers for Disease Control in 1997 — the last year studied — 39% were in foreign-born persons. This is an increase from 1986, when 22% of cases were in foreign-born persons. Tuberculosis case rates were seven times greater in the foreign-born compared with the US-born population.

Also, foreign-born individuals now represent 46 percent of all tuberculosis cases reported in the United States compared to 27 percent of cases eight years ago. The CDC is currently processing new data on the illegal alien-TB connection.

TB cases come from Mexico, Philippines, and Vietnam, by and large. All people who apply for immigration and refugee status are screened for TB disease before coming to the United States. Immigrants with TB disease who are infectious at the time of screening are required to receive treatment before they are allowed entry into the United States.

However, the majority of those entering the US are illegal aliens who undergo no physical exams nor do they undergo treatment for their diseases.

Or how about this from the CRS TB report to Congress?

TB continues to exact its most severe toll among foreign-born individuals in the United States. In 2008, the TB rate among foreign-born individuals living in the United States was ten times higher than the rate for those born in the United States (20.2 and 2.0 per 100,000 population, respectively). CDC is engaged in several strategies to address the higher rate of TB among the foreign-born population in the United States, including issuing revised technical instructions for TB screening and treatment for applicants for U.S. immigration, and working with officials and partners in other countries to improve TB control.

Let’s see if we can perhaps apply a little logic. The much maligned U.S. health care system continues to be burdened by treating illegal immigrants that have no known medical history and originate from countries with high rates of exotic diseases. Yet there are still people that call us silly for being alarmed.

And let’s not forget this little gem from the HHS secretary at Pandemicflu.gov in January 2009:

Message from the Secretary

A scant 33 months ago, I sent my first message about a race that HHS had just begun.  As I said then, it was a race against a fast-moving virulent virus with the potential to cause an influenza pandemic.  Since then, we have mobilized experts and resources across the country and around the world.  I now send you this final message, as I look back at the unprecedented progress we have made in energizing a national pandemic influenza preparedness movement in those 33 months.

“The history of pandemics is not so much the history of health as it is the history of humanity.  When pandemics strike, they cause massive sickness and terrible loss of life.  They even reshape nations.”

– HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt

Today, many people mistakenly think influenza pandemics are a thing of the past, but influenza has struck hard in the era of modern medicine – much harder than most people realize.  And it will strike again.  Pandemics are hard things to talk about. When one discusses them in advance, it sounds alarmist.  After a pandemic starts, no matter how much preparation has been done, it will be inadequate.

You have to love it when “moderates” start calling us silly.

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  1. Nice thought, but it will never happen. The media is behind Obama et al, so there will be no public outcry against him, his golf date, or anything else. He better be careful about allowing Bush et al to be investigated and prosecuted, because his turn may be next once he’s out of office.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  2. Hi Debbie, I liked your most recent article on the subject; especially the conclusion:

    Be careful out there, use common sense, don’t panic, cover your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing, and wash wash wash your hands.

    You also have a great comment from a microbiologist:

    I’m a microbiologist and spend a good deal of time dealing with influenza related questions.

    Its important to remember that the influenza virus is always changing. As a result we can’t have a vaccine prepared before a pandemic were to strike. The trouble with avian and swine flu is that they are generally not easy to transmit from person to person. But when they take on that ability, it catches public health officials off gaurd. Luckily, we have been planning and preparing for this, so I think we’ll be able to contain this.

    I hope he is correct. The concern is that we are dealing with 4 unique strains. As he notes, swine flu is not typically that easy to transmit from person to person, that is what sets this one different from others and is the main cause of concern.

    Now, off to wash my hands!

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