Yes, The Iran Deal Was A Deliberate Lie

And in other breaking news, the sun rises in the east.The Iran Deal proves again that Barack Hussein Obama really was our first anti-American president.

I did get in touch with some of my notorious Lil’ Birdies in Israel to get a bit more background, if possible, on how Israel managed to get its hands on half a ton of heavily classified documents. My favorite reply (at least the cleanest one) was ‘Maybe Rouhani just shipped them to the wrong address.’

Ah hah hah! Rosh katon Habibi,nachon? Y’yasher koach.

All chuckles aside, I got enough hints to figure out that this is yet another chapter in the amazing saga of Israel’s Mossad, who are still second to none when it comes to intel operations like this. And also that it was done with help from Iran’s resistance, which should make the ayatollahs even more paranoid than they already are. Even funnier is that fact that Israel still has more of these documents that SecState Mike Pompeo has undoubtedly seen but haven’t been publicly released yet.

That rings true considering Secretary Pompeo’s remarks today:

“Iran’s nuclear deception is inconsistent with Iran’s pledge in the nuclear deal ‘that under no circumstances will Iran ever seek, develop, or acquire any nuclear weapons. One has to ask: Why exactly was Iran hiding half a ton of nuclear weaponization files while implementing the Iran deal?”

This should come as no surprise to anyone. Iran was always lying about it’s illegal nukes program.That’s why they hid it for years. and even after it was revealed in 2004 by Iranian dissidents,one president totally ignored it in favor of concentrating on Iraq which wasn’t a threat to the U.S., and his successor, Barack Hussein Obama actually aided and abetted Iran in completing their quest for nuclear weapons. He lifted sanctions, watered down what was left and actually gave the Ayatollahs money and time to harden the protection of the areas where their nukes were and to improve their conventional military…as well as pushing through one of the stupidest and most dangerous foreign policy agreements in U.S. history. And let’s not forget that this was after it was revealed that Iran was actually complicit in 9/11.

President Obama even did Iran’s bidding by dismantling U.S. intelligence capabilities being used against Iran and its terrorist satellites and proxies like Hamas.

The Iran Deal was not stupidity, but actual malicious behavior. Which is exactly why Obama’s lackeys new tactic is to use their media echo chamber to repeat the idiocy that Iran lying about what it was doing is all the more reason America needs the deal. As usual, these swine believe that we’re all as stupid as they think we are. They’re spouting this nonsense to cover Obama and Kerry’s behinds and try to pave over the lies we were told by a sitting president and his secretary of state. This was literally Munich Two, and the consequences may be similar, G-d forbid.

As I pointed out a while ago, The Iranians have actually been allowed by the idiots at the UN’s IAEA to ‘self inspect’ as proof of compliance using pictures and videos they make themselves that could have been shot anywhere. And no UN inspectors have been allowed anywhere near bases like Parchin to actually inspect anything. Yet the UN continued to certify Iran’s ‘compliance.’ How stupid is that?

Trust but verify? Why no, what for? The Ayatollahs would never lie to us, now would they?

I was particularly interested in our NATO allies reaction to this. Europe’s Three Stooges, the UK’s Theresa May,France’s Macron and Germany’s Angela Merkel all made a joint statement on how lovely and important the Iran Deal was and why it needs to be kept. Of course it does from their standpoint. They have lucrative trade deals to preserve with the despotic Iranian regime. And restless, violent Muslim populations they allowed into their countries to keep calm and appeased. And not much to contribute anyway, if things get heated up. Only the French still have a military worth mentioning, and much of it is deployed just now trying to keep a semblance of law and order in France’s cities.

Meanwhile, the EU’s diplomatic chief, the notoriously anti-Israel Federica Mogherini claimed that the documents Netanyahu revealed which were certified as accurate by our State Department and U.S. intel ‘don’t prove anything.’

The chief focus, of course is on President Trump. He’s already said many times that the Iran Deal is ridiculous and that unless certain fixes are applied, the U.S. will pull out of the deal by May 12. At that point, the president can use a major weapon to bring Europe into line, a sanction that disallows anyone trading with Iran from accessing or utilizing the U.S. banking system.

President Bush, in one of the few things he did right cut lots of al-Qaeda’s funding using the same tool after 9/11. Al-Qaeda were reduced to using the Muslim hawala money changer system, not the most quick or efficient way to transfer funds.

We’ll see if President Trump uses the same tactics. If he does, I guarantee you the EU will stamp their feet in rage, cry and scream, but will angrily comply.

Meanwhile, Kim Jong Il has already agreed to meet with President Trump in the DMZ, which tells me his sense of self survival is operating. As I wrote yesterday, I’m cautiously optimistic. We’ll see if the Ayatollahs have their brains together enough to do the same thing. Personally, I doubt it.

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