Yet Another Terror Attack In The Heart of Paris – Are The French Fed Up Yet?

Right at the heels of our own local jihadi’s murder spree in Fresno, Jihad strikes again in a new ‘terror attack’ in the heart of Paris on the Champs-Elysées, one of the most famous streets in the world. This time, the jihadis ambushed policemen, and left one gendarme dead and two badly wounded.

Ah, Springtime in Paris! It’s become a nightmare. Witnesses said the attacker simply pulled up beside a parked police vehicle and fired through the window.

“He parked just behind the van and he got out with a Kalashnikov and I heard six gunshots,” a witness named Chelloug said.

“I thought they were firecrackers, because we all looked around the road and there was no one.

“In fact, he was hidden behind the van and shooting at the police.

The attacker in question was shot dead, but police think one or more suspects escaped. In fact, the latest is that a second subject is at large and was firing at a shopping mall in the area.

For those not familiar with Paris, this is one of the poshest, most touristy parts of the city. The Arc de Triomph is in this area, at one end of the street. This part of the Champs-Elysées (it’s name means ‘Elysian Fields’, from Greek mythology)is clogged with high end restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, shops and hotels. Ordinarily, at 9PM local time on a Spring evening, people would be dining, strolling and window shopping or enjoying a glass of wine or an aperitif at one of the cafes. Instead? Regarde ça!

President Francois Hollande said officials were “convinced” the incident is a terror attack, even before ISIS claimed responsibility. I’m certainly glad they figured it out! From here, it gets into Clouseau territory.

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This terror attack (I prefer jihad attack myself) came right after 2 jihadis were arrested in the port city of Marseilles a few days ago. They had guns, ammo, and explosives and were reportedly planning an attack as well to disrupt France’s election, which takes place in 3 days. Yet the jihadi who was killed – now identified as Karim C. was known to security services as a Muslim extremist and the police had tips from their informers that he was seeking to obtain weapons to kill policemen in a ‘terror attack.’ Apparently, he succeeded in putting together what he needed.Previous information that Karim C had come to France from Belgium have been debunked.In fact,he was living in the eastern  Paris suburb of Chelles.

Not only that, but Karim was previously jailed for 20 years for – wait for it – shooting at cops in 2001, after being caught driving a stolen car! Not only was he released early, but he wasn’t even deported! What was he doing in France at all? He wasn’t even a citizen, but just another jihadi granted early release and continued status as a ‘refugee’ by France’s insane Socialist government.

The prefect of police is saying that an inquiry is planned. I’m sure the families of the dead and wounded policemen are glad to hear that.

I’m unsure what effect this will have on France’s election. Marine Le Pen, Emmanuel Macron and Francois Fillon cancelled campaign events planned for Friday.

With 10% unemployment, the highest in Western Europe, a lot of French voters were concerned about joblessness and repairing the damage the Socialist regime has done to France’s economy. But as the Islamist attacks on the heart of France continue (and make no mistake, the location of this last one was deliberate) more and more French feel unsafe in their own homeland.

There is a choice to be made. Both Macron and his farther Left candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon promise more of the same, and many French regard Fillion, justifiably, as simply corrupt. Only Marine Le Pen promises a change from the status quo, and an end to events like today’s assault, or should I say, ‘terror attack.’.

In his remarks on the subject in a press conference, President Donald Trump said that “it looks like another terrorist attack. What can you say? It just never ends.”

Do the French want it to end? It’s a decision the French will have to make this Sunday.

Rob Miller

Rob Miller writes for Joshuapundit. His articles have appeared in The Jerusalem Post, The Washington Examiner, American Thinker, The Los Angeles Times, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The San Francisco Chronicle, Real Clear Politics, The Times Of Israel, Breitbart.Com and other publications.